Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This puzzle, that munchkin

Or in other words, my clever way of dressing up a "this n' that" type of post. I'll start with this very cool video of my smarty pants putting together his transportation puzzle. Notice the flurry of frustration with the firetruck. Yes, there are many teachable "flurries" nowadays!

Have I mentioned that a Dunkin Donuts opened in Wilson, and that my little munchkin loves blueberry munchkins? He had not one, not two, but four of them before church this past Sunday! He's a curious eating machine these Fall days and has taken a break from being Mr. Pickypants for the time being; lately he loves broccoli, and has been sharing in our usual dinner meals complete with corn and all! And-excuse my randomness-I also think it noteworthy to insert that he has now added the words "cold," "cool-as in dude," "down," "shoes" and "pig" to his growing vocabulary.

This week I am 27 weeks along with our other munchkin. I'm due for my Glucose testing on Wednesday, and have a follow up ultrasound next week-so this little dude is keeping us busy! Inside the womb, baby boy should weigh almost 2 pounds by now and is about 14 1/2 inches long with his legs extended. Also, he's sleeping and waking at regular intervals, is very rapidly developing his brain, opening and closing his tiny eyes, and probably even sucking on his fingers. I can't wait for baby "C" to get here!!! (Yes, we have his name picked out for good now!). And, just for fun, here's a link to Evan's "27 week" update...I was surprised to see how similar I was feeling at this point with him!
Baby Evan on the inside-27 wks

It's funny because last time around we were completely enamored with all things Evan and all aboard the baby train, busy with preparations and just as pregnant with excitement over things to come. This time, I'm still consumed with all things Evan, and much less anxious about the preparations and "lists" that go into welcoming a new member of the family. Don't get me wrong, I'm still excited...just with a bit less edge and organizational OCD (let's just call it like it is)! Thank goodness for a toddler to keep my mind, feet, and online shopping elsewhere. :-)

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