Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A MOPS Milestone

I am so excited to be a part of MOPS this year and this morning was our first "official" meeting. Delicious brunch-check! New friends and getting to know  you games-check! Mounds of mommy talk-double check! Moreover, perhaps the most exciting part was that Evan had a good time in the little toddler nursery for TWO HOURS! No doubt one of the longest times he's been away from me in this type of setting. He was a little sleepy at the drop off since we're in the midst of weaning out his morning nap, but it was nothing a sprinkled cookie couldn't take care of! Besides, he was in toy heaven once he saw the new cars and trucks, and mommy could barely squeeze in a hug goodbye next to Thomas the train!
Two hours of "moppettes" playtime for my growing boy and quality, baby free girl time for this mommy equals one great morning. I'm so proud of Evan for doing so well on his own and especially for our first time-a great milestone and one I'm happy to reach!

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