Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3 Day weekend

Labor day weekend=A trek to Raleigh to "treasure hunt" those holiday deals for Evan's Fall/Winter clothes, many a miles logged on the car with trips to and from Greenville for our first Sunday at Integrity Church, too many trips to Target, visits to the great grandparents, Toys R Us and Noah's Ark Park, redbox rentals, frog finding, lawn mowing and a bit of rest and relaxation sandwiched in between. And of course, lots of picture taking.
 On Saturday morning Evan spotted a new green friend on our porch. Yes, I do believe we have a boy on our hands. I can do alot of "boy" things...however, frogs and other creepy crawly critters are not on the list.

At ToysRUs we picked up a new "big boy" basketball hoop for our ball lover. He's an excellent dunker at 16 months, and I fear sweaty gym socks may lie in our future-oh, say it isn't so.
This last picture below was taken on Sunday morning at the Winterville Amphitheather, where we had church at the park and a pig pickin' afternoon.

It's been a busy weekend and I'm thankful for these restful, rainy days ahead with not too much to crowd our daily agenda. Now to peruse the weekly grocery specials and brainstorm meals for this next week before we're off to PA for a family vacation!

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Anonymous said...

Evan looks like he could be leaning towards being a "blonde" just like his worries, I think it is probably that he has just been sunkissed! I'm glad you had a great weekend. I can't wait for next Friday!