Thursday, July 14, 2011

See you later!

Bon voyage sister! Last week the little man and I took a trip to see Sam for a final goodbye, or as I like to say "see you later." She headed up and away for a European honeymoon with new husband Ryan and will soon be settling into her little own piece of England.
 Part of me wonders how different we'll all look in our next photo together-how old Evan will be, whether or not we'll have another little person with us, or with them even! Maybe I'll be brave enough for the bob haircut by then, and I'm sure my sister will be sporting a new hair color. I wonder when we'll see each other again-if it will be a holiday occasion sometime soon, or perhaps a brief passing years down the line while in route to their next military home. Lining all these thoughts of course is my excitement for her and this new adventure she's set out on. I can't wait to hear of her travels and of all the merriment, magic and mishaps sure to come with new, married life.  See you later sister! Hopefully, sooner than. :-)

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Anonymous said...

You made me cry...sentimental tears. I love you this much...more than if I could wrap my arms around the whole world! Gigi