Sunday, July 26, 2009

Party Time!

This past weekend was a whirlwind and went by way to fast! On Saturday morning, just after Chris finished some schoolwork, we packed up the car and headed to Goldsberry for a joint birthday celebration, the special guests being my mom and myself of course! We had a wonderful birthday dinner and shared some yummy cake over family, presents, and Martha Stewart inspired pink d├ęcor. :) I absolutely loved my gifts and can’t wait to put them to good use in the kitchen; without a doubt, the definite theme this year was cookbooks and kitchen utensils. I am so excited to see my kitchen library grow and can’t wait bring some of these recipes to life! No doubt Chris is excited to reap the benefits as well;) Reminds me of this time last year...Another Happy Birthday for Mom & Me :)
After a wonderful commissioning service for Lisa on Sunday morning at church, we were able to get some much needed R&R in Goldsboro before heading back to Wilson for Lisa’s going way party. Our whole church is really going to miss her but we are so excited to hear of her upcoming adventures in Russia. It was a great send off- full of fun, food and fellowship. Speaking of food, I premiered my first “cool lime cheesecake” there and I’m told it was a success! I’m not personally a fan of cheesecake, but I did enjoy making it and am glad to add it to my growing dessert repertoire. What’s next you ask? In a word-Pie. :)
Piper had a blast and was completely exhausted by the time we came home -thank goodness for tired puppies! He had so much fun playing with my parent’s pups and even enjoyed a play date with some other doggies on Sunday night while we were at the going away soiree.

I can’t believe the weekend has come and gone and the busy week ahead is knocking at our door already…Happy Monday!

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