Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have found myself in a blogging rut. This summer has given us some big(and good!) changes, and I suppose I'm still acclimating to the new climate. In attempt to get with the forecast, here are some highlights and current happenings in the Scott household to get this blog up to date.

This week marked my first full week at my new job with GlaxoSmithKline, and the end of Chris' first month with a new job at our local Kia dealership. With two new jobs in tow, we are both navigating new and scary-ahem-exciting waters. No doubt more to come on adventures in job searching and joys and challenges of starting a new job.

In honor of Independence day we went to downtown Wake Forest to see fireworks at the local high school Friday night and then on Saturday were able to see them from our house. I love fireworks, and look forward to seeing them every year! Here we are in patriotic style:In other totally unrelated news, Piper has fully lived up to his "Dennis the Menace" nickname over these past few weeks and has been playing my patience like Chris plays his guitar! In just one instance, he was literally caught red-handed after having a hay day with my food coloring. Yep, his name is Mud.

This past weekend was full of fun in the sun. My mom and I had a great time shopping around Raleigh on Saturday and then on Sunday our church held it's annual picnic-rain free! It was a wonderful time of fellowship and yummy treats, and really cool for me to see how much our church has changed since last year. We've grown in so many ways-babies are bigger, once toddlers no longer toddling, new faces and families...Speaking of changes and our church, I also enjoyed a wonderful women's fellowship last week in honor of our dear friend Lisa who will be leaving Wilson to fulfill the great commandment in Russia. I am so proud of her and thankful for the excellent and godly example she's been to me and our church family. I will miss her dearly but am so looking forward to hearing of her adventures in Russia as God unravels His great work in her life. :)

Now that we've found a good grove and are somewhat settled into our new work routines, I can't wait to catch up on some of my favorite blogs and get back to blogging more myself :) In all seasons, we are so thankful for a great God who provides just what we need and graciously works towards our good and growth in all things.


Jen said...

glad you're back! 2 new jobs...wow! what are you doing at gsk?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't godly be a capital G?