Monday, November 10, 2008

Youth Weekend, Christmas Cards, Meeting Mr. Coffee, Ect.

Chris and I had a great time this weekend with the youth at Old Mount Vernon Church. Chris had the privilege of leading worship for their fall retreat, themed "Holiness in the Home." Aside from the awesome Scavenger hunt that Chris enjoyed with the youth on Saturday, and the good, gospel centered talks with the teens, I also had the joy of seeing some old Campbell friends. Thanks again to Aaron(the youth pastor) and Sarah Swain-you guys did an great job organizing this weekend and your faithful investment in the lives of these youth shines bright!

In other big weekend news, Lifeway is having a "buy one get one free sale" on CHRISTMAS CARDS!! Yes, it is that time again(well, almost). I was so excited to buy our Christmas cards and can't wait to get them out, I really do love every part of the Christmas season!

To conclude the weekend, we bought our first real coffee maker. I know I know, it's a little overdue. We have super snazzy, overly complicated tazo thing-a-ma-gig, and a french press, but we did'nt have just a regular coffee maker. Also, the fact that I'm not a big fan of coffee, combined with the fact that Chris worked in a coffee shop for so long, slowly but surely pushed the coffee maker purchase to the bottom of the priority list. Anyways, we officially commemorated the moment last night with fresh coffee and pastries, mmmm. Who knows, maybe I'll become a coffee person after all?

On a random closing note, this picture was taken last weekend at the infamous Whirlygig Festival in Wilson. I think it's one of my favorite family photos to date :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris and Rebecca! We had a great time last weekend. I have finally recovered, I think! And, just in case you hadn't heard, we changed our name to Grace Baptist Church last Sunday, too! We're excited about that. Good to see y'all again, let's get together sometime.

-Aaron + Sarah