Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adventures in Tote Making

Alas my latest sewing endeavour-the simple tote. As I am still climbing the learning curve of sewing, this very easy project was met with much trial and error. Thankfully, with a little perseverance and some serious pep talking, I finished my project with success. Whew! And to think, I was starting to worry... The second time around was much much easier than the first, and I have to say the third time was a charm. This isn't the greatest picture in that you can't see the little details-i.e the folded over/top stitched top and my mad ribbon skills- but that may be a good thing, lol. It's true, practice does make better :) I'm so excited to start putting my budding sewing skills to good use for gift giving, these totes are just the perfect Christmas/Birthday present(or at least a fun and stylish wrapping for them)!

And of course, Piper(camera hog extraordinaire) had to get in on the picture! What a cutie :)


BoldLion said...

I will have to show you my tote bag that I had made on my sister's sewing machine. I did great for a beginner. I don't really sew at all but needed to make one for myself. It is basic and plain with Fish on it and my name inside of it too.

I will bring it on Wednesday night.

In Christ Alone,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Lori said...

GOOD JOB!!! I will take the bottom left one! Thanks! Haha. But no , really.

Shannon said...

I'll take the top one! :) We should have a Harvest Sale for church where you sell BBQ plates and then have an auction after dinner, like we had when I was growing up! Handmade items always sold the best!

You did a great job! I've been wanting to make a bag. I don't really know where to start. Maybe you can bring your bags to church Sunday and we can have a quick tutorial in the parking lot!

The Swains said...

those bags are cute! I think I might start posting pics of my sewing projects too!