Friday, November 4, 2016

Once-a-Week Unit Studies by Homeschool Legacy

If you are a fan of unit studies, you will love using the historically rich and engaging Once-a-Week Micro-Studies from Homeschool Legacy. These compact unit studies are so easy to sprinkle on top your regular homeschool routine, and really help to bring history to life. 
The Once-a-Week Unit studies are very low maintenance and yet so much fun to incorporate into your homeschool day. I love that they are intended for the whole family to enjoy together with great read aloud suggestions and user friendly activities. Whenever I come across materials that embody the whole idea of the "one room schoolhouse" I wholeheartedly embrace it-Homeschool Legacy offers just that. The Unit Studies are designed for 2nd through 12th grade and to be used-you guessed it-just once a week! Similarly, the Once-a-Week Microstudies are geared towards 1st thru 8th graders, to be used in 3 separate 30 minute lesson times. 

Since we love learning about the presidents, my boys were excited to review the Once-a-Week Microstudy "Cooking Up History with the Founding Presidents." Who knew that Thomas Jefferson helped introduce french fries and creme brûlée to America? Thank you Mr. President, much appreciated!
This interesting study on our founding fathers came in a 21 page downloadable packet, and covered cooking through the lens of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. We especially enjoying baking up a delicious cherry pie in honor of George and Martha Washington! Cooking is a great hands on activity that you can do while talking about history. In my experience it's always a plus to give my boys something productive to do with their hands as they hear-helps to focus that fidgeting!

Aside from favorite foods, this unit study also did a great job providing a biographical sketch of each president, included links to videos, explanation of language words, and other fun facts.
I also have to note that these "grab and go" easy downloads come at a great value. The Once-A-Week Micro Study we reviewed is only $12 and is available in paperback OR conveniently as a digital download. Other titles in the Unit Study series include:
  • Christmas Comes to America
  • Birds of a Feather
  • Knights and Nobles
  • Lewis and Clark-from Sea to Shining Sea
  • Victoria and her World
...and so much more! You can get ready for Thanksgiving by adding the Once-A-Week Microstudy "Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims" by Homeschool Legacy to your schedule!

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