Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Atlantic beach-a picture story with captions

Otherwise titled...Sand, sand, and more sand! Lol. Last week we enjoyed a family trip to the beach with the Walker crew. Here's a few pictures to capture the memories. A huge thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Tim for making it possible, we had a great time!
In spite of the hot summer sun, these boys LOVE the beach. 
Caution-babies at play! Asher and Faith rockin the sun wear. For Asher's first time to the beach, and in the middle of a North Carolina July at that, he did great! 
Grandma in her glory.
Group photo outside of aquarium-Evan falling backwards off the turtles head. I've caught him. :-) 
Me and 1/2 of my boys, I'm one lucky lady. 
Happy 9th anniversary to us, we've grown almost a decade old together! Many thanks for Grandma for watching the boys so we could enjoy dinner out.
You can almost picture him breathing in the water here-my boys have ocean love in their genes I'm sure of it.
Bennett the merman-he was not impressed. Fins aside, this one is always the sandman. 
Asher taking in the wet shells and sand, Evan photoboming. 
A friendly dessert style "Chopped" competition. I graciously took home second place with my Samoa girl scout cookie bars.
Family picture on the beach with all the kids and grandkids. Till next time!

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