Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lucky 7

Despite my best efforts to freeze time, our Asher Elliot will be 7 weeks old tomorrow and is
growing every day. And when I say growing, I mean I'm pretty sure he's doubled his birth weight. Our little piglet is a champion eater and it shows. It's a good thing too, because I love me some sweet baby rolls!
True to his name, Asher is our happy boy. Thankfully he's incredibly chill and laid back, and seems to be enjoying the ride alongside our family circus. As my two big boys testify, time goes by much to fast and so this time around I can truly say that I am enjoying every bit of him in all his newborn glory. My mantra for 2016 may simply be to slow down, because these precious baby snuggles are just too sweet not to savor.

Little man has naturally fallen into a nice schedule.  His favorite place to nap is in my arms, and that's okay by me. He has been a great sleeper from the start and continues to bless us with a good nights sleep(save for his feedings of course). During the day he eats just about every 3 hours starting at around 7:30am. Our record stretch of uninterrupted nighttime sleep has been 5 hours, but more often he makes is just over 4. Yes, I'm still a babywise mama because I know that having a structure gives you the freedom to be flexible. At the same time I feel so much more confident and easy going in my parenting this third time around that I'm not nearly as stressed or laser focused on setting a schedule- it will fall into place. In the meantime, I'm letting this little guy take the lead. I repeat, establishing the perfect nap routine will not get the best of me!
(See, picture evidence of that one time I put him down for a nap in his crib. Just kidding, he's slept in his crib more than that-maybe 3 or 4 times hehe!)

In other milestone news, we've caught a few real(non gas related) smiles this past week and can't wait to see more. He's much more alert during his wake times and though he's been nicknamed Evan's mini-me, I'm almost sure his eyes are turning a greenish blue hue unlike big brother's brown. He is supporting his head and neck more every day and really enjoys tummy time. He enjoys it so much in fact he often tries to fall asleep there. A perfect portrayal of his "go with the flow" disposition.

And, he makes for a super cute skunk. Who says little boys aren't fun to dress?
 I adore him.
 P.S.-He rocks this penguin hat. :-)

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