Saturday, August 8, 2015

Baby on the way, home in progress

I wouldn't call it nesting just yet(though my kitchen pantry would beg me too), but there are a lot of exciting changes going on in the Scott household. Mainly, the boys will be sharing a room to make way for baby #3. Bennett will be movin on up to Evan's current room, and baby "A" will claim Bennett's room as a nursery.

To get the boys super excited about their new adventure sharing a room together, we're giving the room a mini makeover with a few fun-and some necessary-improvements. Priority #1-paint!

Yesterday I happily bid goodbye to Evan's jailhouse blue colored walls and welcomed this clean, fresh coat of "natural linen." This is the biggest and most necessary change, as his poor wall had taken quite a beating over the past two years.  Shortly after moving into this house Evan took it upon himself to "decorate" one wall with a lovely crayon mural. Add to that, just recently we had some serious drywall damage thanks to some mischievous band of brothers(definitely not my children...oh right...). Anyhow, this new coat of paint was just what the doctor ordered, and has totally transformed the room already.

Next we'll look at installing a ceiling fan(another more practical purchase) and then spruce up the room with new bedding and a pop of color via a fun IKEA dresser. I have fun frames waiting for them to create some custom artwork for, and am slowly moving some of Bennett's things up there. I anticipate the hardest part of transition will be nighttime sleeping-but as with everything else it will just be an adjustment. Otherwise I know the boys will LOVE it. As it is now they play almost exclusively in Evan's room, and are really only apart to sleep. I'm encouraged by the fact that they both seem really excited to share a room, and pray it serves to grow them closer as brothers and buddies.

Phase two will be taking on the "nautical nursery" next month. We are keeping all the basics the same with our old baby furniture-crib, dresser, rocker, etc-and dressing it up with a fresh coat of paint, and some "whaley" cute new crib bedding. I have to admit I really enjoy the planning and "pinning" process, and am really looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. I also feel about 5 pounds lighter having cleaned out and vacummed underneath Evan's bed for the first time in almost three years...

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