Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I blame the groundhog

Two words-more snow! Though I must say, on the heels of "ice-cation 2015", this new blanket of white fluffy goodness was a welcome sight. I do enjoy the beautiful sight of fresh, falling snow outside our kitchen window. It's my kind of magical...for a few days anyway. ;-)
After picking up Evan from school yesterday(the only day of school not cancelled in the past week), the boys enjoyed some warm Campbell's soup-Frozen style! Is there any other way?
 And then we suited up! 
After we played outside(for a whopping 20 minutes at most) we came in for hot cocoa and of course, the movie "Frozen." Soggy socks, pink cheeks-check! This morning we enjoyed the fruits of sitting snow-that is, perfectly fit for snowball packing and snowman rolling. And to think we're expecting another winter blanket overnight, me thinks it's time to break out the snow cream recipes. If only we had milk...

Thanks for the the snow North Carolina...now I think we can happily bid winter goodbye. :-)

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