Monday, September 17, 2012

Bennett at 7 months

Oh B bear, where to start? For 3 days you have been 7 months old. I can hardly forget each month when the 14th rolls around that you, my sweet Valentine, are one whole month older.

No teethe, brown hair turning blonde, blue green deep sea eyes, food lover, sitter upper-seven months. You are napping now and have been for an hour and 15 minutes, which is quite a treat considering you are not the most dependable sleeper. Thankfully, we've fallen comfortably into two solid naps with a short snooze towards the end of the day. Because you are my #2, a "schedule" wrapped in quotes has been harder to come by. And so, I'm swimming in this extra long nap of yours and enjoying it to the fullest-with blogging and a vanilla coke that is. :-)

Most of the time, you fill our home with the sweetest, wide open mouth grins. Except for yesterday, when you acted quite like dinosaur for most of the afternoon haha! I'm happy to give you a pass for teething, and all the more grateful for your healthy, happy self. I can't imagine what we'd do without you, or how our time was spent before you. Truly, you are the most adorable baby I have the joy to lay eyes on every day.

Here are some pictures of you at the beach and in the bath, because, if I forgot to mention, you are a water baby all the way!

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The Swains said...

He is so cute! I know you are having a blast keeping up with those little boys - sounds like you guys are doing great!