Friday, August 7, 2009

One Of Those Days...

You know the kind, where:

...The cashier decides to count the money in her register just when it’s your turn

...Roadwork appears out of nowhere on your always trusted shortcut

...You desperately need a bathroom in Joanne fabrics but the manager with the magic key is no where to be found-then you go through two neighboring stores only to be greeted with the unfriendly “customer’s only” sign before finding some grace in "Wild Birds Unlimited." (I seriously considered buying something there, but left with many thanks instead.)

...You order a sweet tea with lite ice and lemon from McDonalds and receive a lemonless tea with 90% ice. Don't they know that the lemon in my tea is as ketchup to a burger, or A1 to steak-absolutely necessary and not the same without!

...You leave Target without that one very important item at the top of your mental checklist.

...It starts to pour while inside said target and your only umbrella is laying useless in the backseat of the car-which is conveniently parked miles away from the entrance.

...You spill sugar on your freshly swiffered kitchen floor, and the trusty dusty buster has zero battery left.

Yes, it’s been one of those days. No doubt God is teaching me a lesson in patience here. I’ve always thought myself to be a pretty patient person, but am thankful for opportunites to learn and grow in that area. Sometimes it takes a day like this to say "Hey, the world is'nt spinning on my schedule after all, lol!" :)


Shayna said...

Oh dear. Praise God for his ever flowing grace. I can totally relate to the umbrella in the car. And forgetting the "important item" - the one that sent me to the store to begin with. ;)

jeanna said...

wise words, Rebecca, thanks for the honesty.

Anonymous said...

One of those days makes us all the more thankful for one of THOSE days! Mom