Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cake Challenge!

Last week Chris & I attended Wake Tech's annual "Cake Challenge" at the Convention Center in Downtown Raleigh. As in Food Network type cake challenge you ask? Exactly. The theme was North Carolina monuments/places of interest. While Chris and I unanimously agreed that the zoo cake should take first, grand prize went to 63 year old grandmother Norma Miller for her model of the NC coast. Wow, I hope I have this much talent at 63!(Note: The first 5 pics are the challenge entries)
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Even though we arrived a little late, and the center was a lot crowded, it was fun to see the different decoraters prepare their cakes live(in the professional chef hat no less!), and then do the ceremonial "move" for judging. There were also a lot of pre-made exhibition cakes, as well as tons of food from local restaurants. All in all, a delicious experience!

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Jen said...

so where's the after pic!?! I want to see! :)