Friday, May 2, 2008

Bread from Matthew 6:34

The following entry is taken from "Girl Talk," a blog which I highly recommend about "biblical womanhood and other fun stuff" by the Mahaney girls. The passage was incredibly useful to me, as I am often guilty of falling into the trap of worrying. I encourage women especially to take a look at

“Sufficient for the day is its own trouble,” it says in Matthew 6:34. Granted, my troubles aren’t very big. Lately it’s been things like the unexpected bill, the disobedience of my four-year-old or snags in the house-buying process. Nothing like the troubles several of my friends have experienced recently.

Because of fear, however, my minor daily troubles can sometimes seem worse than they really are. John Flavel (whom Mom quoted yesterday) explains:

“The grief we suffer from evil felt would be light and easy, were it not incensed by fear….If the face of things to come be threatening and inauspicious, fear gains the ascendant over the mind; and unmanly [or in our case “unwomanly”] and unchristian faintness pervades it; and, among the many other mischiefs it inflicts, this is not the least, that it brings the evil of to-morrow upon to-day, and so makes the duties of to-day wholly unserviceable to the evils of to-morrow.”

My four-year-old’s disobedience is exacerbated by my fear for the state of his soul. The bill seems larger than it really is if I'm worried about our family’s financial future. The snags in the house-buying process appear ominous if I'm anxious over the current housing market.
By fearing the future, I’m bringing in unnecessary and imaginary trouble and piling it onto today’s trouble. No wonder today’s trouble seems worse than it really is! What’s more, by fearing the future, I make today’s duties “wholly unserviceable to the evils of tomorrow.” I can’t effectively prepare for tomorrow’s trouble if I’m not trusting God today.

Matthew 6:25-34 doesn't simply tell me there will be trouble tomorrow. It also gives me reasons to trust in God. He is sovereign, caring, wise, and loving, and He has promised to provide everything that I need. I can face today’s troubles knowing that His grace will be there for me tomorrow.


Shannon said...

Hey, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing your blog with me! It will be great getting to know you better. Can I link your blog on mine? Also, I saw on a previous entry of yours that you would like to learn to sew. Lindsey and I started learning to sew about a month ago. We have really enjoyed it. Lori B. has alot of experience sewing. You could talk to her. I'm glad you and Chris had a nice trip. We will see you Sunday!

The Swains said...

It is so good to hear from you! We would love to come over or have you guys over too. Our table has four good chairs, haha - except my huge sewing machine is on it right now. I've been waiting for the end of the semester so we would finally have time to hang out with some people. That is so exciting that you guys are buying a townhome...where is it? We always check out what's selling around here, but still have a lot of saving to do. We should definitely catch up soon, let's plan it!
I saw that you like to be crafty too, so anytime you want to do something like that let me know, I have a ton of scrapbooking/card making stuff and sewing stuff, etc.

PS: I love the GirlTalk blog too!